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About Me

I feel like I’ve written a million of these introduction paragraphs. I think we’ve all come to the conclusion that I am a photographer. Yes, it’s true. I also focus on other creative mediums such as digital art & videography. If you dig through my site you can find my those creative works.


I work as a freelance artist, this allows great flexibility for my schedule, sometimes. It usually gets very busy. So if you’re looking to work together, please contact me in advance. Preferably two weeks minimum.


I should mention that I do not take clients for family portrait sessions or wedding events. I remain excessively focused on product, commercial, lifestyle and editorial photography. This also includes videography for commercial use. If you’re interested in what that is, visit my clientele showcase tab.


If you’d like to know me about read my blog or follow me on Instagram, I post almost daily. I’m an Instagram cockroach.

- Tyana 

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