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  • Tyana Arviso

Truth or Bullshit

I once dreamt of become a photojournalist, the thought of combining my images with my own interpretation electrified me. I somehow stumbled into a sorta marketing career mixed with my freelance photographer duties. While focusing only on my career I forgot how much I enjoyed writing. I initially started a blog to express this aspect of my creative self but have failed to maintain it throughout the year. I’m not sure if its the, “New Year, New Me”, bandwagon or my truth speaking, but I’d like to maintain my blog this year. I want to challenge myself to write something every week and post it, good or bad. It can be inspirational, random or unrelated to photography. The important thing is to speak the truth, my truth.

My goal isn’t to become a writer overnight. I wouldn’t expect that in a million years. My goal is to maybe see if the novice writer within me still exists. Am I capable of telling a telling a story without the imagery? I open the doors to uncharted territory, welcoming growth and connecting with anyone who decides to tag along.

Welcome to the beginning of the unknown.


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