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Magic Moments

Okay. Last week I made it known that I would take more responsibility for this blog. The topics are random, sometimes unrated to photography. This week I was at lost on the discussion topic. Today the idea finally struck, 9PM on a Friday night. Here it goes...

Today I met with an old friend for lunch, I’d say that she is my spiritual mentor. A woman of great strength, good energy and a strong spiritual awareness. Sitting and conversing was what I needed. I thought about this friend recently and was curious, I didn’t read too much into it. The next day she randomly messaged me, the universe was listening and connecting.

It’s interesting how the Universe has its, Magical Moments. Moments that are unexplainable and that are basically magic. I’ve had a handful of these serendipitous experiences happen throughout my short lived life. I cannot tell you when these moments will strike. They are moments that you have to fully acknowledge, almost like this example coming up...

I’m not sure what it is lately, I’ve had a universal connection with time. Each time I check the time it says, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33 - and so on. This type of thing happens frequently. What are the chances of that happening multiple times throughout a single day. You may think I sound like I am up in the clouds, but personally, I believe that it is the universe calling. I believe that the universe is telling me I am on the right path. This path I’m referring to doesn’t mean my entire life path. It means that I am channeling my energy - the energy is flowing and my spiritual awareness is open.

If you’re looking for a magical moment, don’t look. Just live, stay true to yourself, and open yourself to universal possibilities. My spiritual awareness didn’t develop overnight. It took years to cultivate and truthfully I’m still guiding myself through the universe. While exploring I am open to those universal possibilities and staying true to myself as much as I know myself.

A month ago or almost two months ago, I was on the verge of quitting. Quitting my photography career and removing myself from instagram. I thought about this before, but this time I was definitely going to quit. My mind was set. The issue was that the inspiration wasn’t there, my soul wasn’t on fire. I didn’t know what I wanted - I’ve never quit and gave up on anything before. Knowing that I could possibly give up didn’t sit well with me. That wasn’t who I am, I worked too hard to get where I am. So I took a break, I stopped production and didn’t create for a week or two. During that time I knew I could never give up. There was no way I was going to allow myself to do that because I fell in love with creating again. It was almost like I hit a hard reset, I needed to create, it was my magic, it helped me get away and express who I am. Within that time I was sharing what I was creating and in the mix of sharing and creating, opportunities started happening. It was interesting, these were big opportunities, if I gave up those opportunities wouldn’t exist. I would have never collaborated with Teva or created pieces that are some of my most favorite. Even though this moment was questionable, it was a magical moment. A moment that tested me, it tested my love for I what do. Nothing was going to stand in my way and I was going to remain true to myself. If I couldn’t express myself, then I knew I wouldn’t be happy. Let’s be honest, I don’t think I could handle a regular job. I cannot do routine, I love having my own schedule. Above anything else I love creating.

So keep your energy open to those magical moments. Only you will know when they strike.


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