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  • Tyana Arviso

Honoring a Transitional Season


With the traditional fall aesthetic flooding Instagram feeds I’m sure you are well aware of the season change. I asked myself if I wanted to take part in sharing the usual fall postings. I’m not sure what it is, but fall simply isn’t my thing. Maybe my lack of enthusiasm for this season is due to change. The transition from summer almost feels like a sense of loss. All those moments spent complaining about summer the heat seem frivolous.

I wanted to share what this season means to me, especially the disconnection I feel. For the past year I’ve worked endlessly on my self healing journey, it feels like this time of year holds a mirror to that healing journey.

Over the weekend I headed for the mountains. I left feeling unsure. I’ve never invested much time in the mountains, it’s never been a priority. Each time I visit higher ground I always experience anxiety. I feel so enclosed within the cascading forests, it triggers heart palpitations and my hands sweat like crazy. In an uncomfortable space I stopped and observed what fall meant to me. In this transitional season I’m reminded of how beautiful it can be to let go and release. Throughout the weekend I was surrounded by the affirmation I say to myself on a daily basis, “release and let go”. Instead of fighting this time of change I will honor its underlying message.

“this is a growing season,

of change, of turning, of shedding, of letting things fall away, and fall apart, and come undone, and be uncovered.

and then a space to surrender, and being, just being.

and the reflections here are temporary,

so take them in and honor them,

and be honest with them, and own them...

but then forgive them, and don’t stay to them.

let it all go... let yourself bloom.”

Rising Butterflies


I managed to grab a few photos here in there. I figured I share them within this post. Not sure when they’ll make an appearance on my feed. Each time I head for the mountains I remember why I’m so enchanted with the desert. Mountain aesthetic isn’t my finest work, neither are fall colors. Nonetheless I enjoyed my time out this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read my words and thoughts.



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